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This is Scary! Our Third Legislative Session.

This week, the Tennessee General Assembly convened for a special legislative session to address COVID9.

With 16,000 Tennesseans dead from COVID and the 2nd worst outbreak in the nation, TN Republicans introduced scary legislation that:

  • Bans masking order and vaccination requirements.

  • Allows employees fired for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to collect unemployment benefits.

  • Creates liability for businesses who institute vaccination requirements

  • Requires partisan school board elections.

  • Grant the governor exclusive authority over county orders and directives regarding county health departments

  • Requires state attorney general to request a temporary district attorney when a district attorney “peremptorily and categorically refuses” to bring criminal charges on certain laws.

  • Changing the length of a “state of emergency” from 60 days to 45 days

  • Permitting banks to use cash as collateral to secure public deposits

I will vote no to any legislation that restricts the options of business owners and LEAs to mitigate the spread of COVID 19. As your champion, not only have I battled each piece of legislation that makes Tennesseans unsafe, increases the spread of COVID-19, and wastes your hard-earned tax dollars, but I have also introduced legislation that represents the desires of business owners and the majority of


  • HB 9016: Allows private employers to adopt masking policies as a part of their dress codes

  • HB9031: Prohibits a hospital from restricting a pregnant patient from having their doula present as long as the doula test negative for COVD-19

  • HB 9058: Prohibits the state of Tennessee from withholding or reducing state funds to an LEA due to the LEA implementing COVD-19 safety protocols.

  • HB 9065: Provides immunity to an LEA and certain official from civil actions regarding the establishment and implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols.

Please reach out to my office if you would like any additional information about this special session or the legislation that has been introduced.

Rep. Lamar is hosting a District Townhall to hear from you TOMORROW!

Join her TOMORROW at 11am for a virtual townhall. Come to hear about Rep. Lamar’s legislation from the 2021 session, Ford’s investment in the Memphis Regional Megasite, redistricting, and the state of COVD-19 in Shelby County. Please use this link to register for the virtual townhall. We will raffle a $25 gas card to people who register for the webinar! Go to to register!

Leading with Lamar

On Tuesday, October 26, two high school seniors joined me in my office! Olivia Kosobud participate in my office’s Day at the Capitol Experience.

Olivia toured the Capitol building, sat in on a budget meeting, and drafted a piece of her own legislation. Izabella Maestroiani incorporated me into her IB Global Politics course project about women of color in politics. My interest in politics sparked in high school so I am incredibly passionate about providing opportunities for students to explore public service through my state office. I look forward to hosting more students in the future!

Resources for District 91

While we are waiting for the launch of the TN Homeowners Assistance Fund, please check out the COVID-19 Rent and Utility Assistance Fund at

2022 TN Governor School Application Open!

Governor Schools are 5-week summer enrichment programs for raising 11 th -12th graders hosted by some of TN’s best colleges and universities. If accepted, students explored content areas of the arts, humanities, agriculture science, STEAM programs, advanced mathematics. Physics, leadership, international studies, Tennessee history, or potential teaching careers. Get more information here! Please call my office if you need help applying more this opportunity.

Free ACT Prep Courses through TDOE and UTMartin

The TN Dept of Education has partnered with UT Martin to provide Free ACT Prep courses to Tennessee’s juniors and seniors. Courses will cover math, science, and reading reasoning. There are open spots in the November and December sessions. All sessions are virtual and conducted via Zoom. You must register for sessions to attend. Sign up here: ACT Prep For High School Juniors and Seniors | Educational Outreach (

Unemployment Assistance

If you are having issues, receiving your unemployment assistance, please email Rep. London Lamar office’s at with the following information:

  • A description of the problem

  • Your full name (first, middle, and last)

  • Your phone number

  • The last 4 digits of your social security

  • The date that you filed the claim

  • The email address you used to file the claim

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