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The Line Has Been Drawn

Yesterday, January 6, 2021, we witnessed one of the greatest attacks on American Democracy in modern history. Trump and his supporters engaged in acts of sedition and treason to promote white supremacy and attack the U.S. Constitution and peaceful transfer of power.

Image By: NYTimes

I am angered and saddened by the hate and violence Trump and his gang of supporters have invoked on our nation. While already scared of a deadly virus plagued by a lack of leadership from Trump and Republican leaders, citizens have a right to engage in the democratic process free from violence, hate, and false rhetoric.

Image By Alex Kent

Many of my Republican colleagues in the TN Legislature tried to tie the peaceful protests from this summer in support of racial justice to yesterday’s domestic terrorist attack against our U.S. Capitol. Let me make it undoubtedly clear that they are not the same! Advocating for racial justice peacefully is what happened this summer. My Tennessee House Democratic Caucus colleagues and I encouraged peaceful protesting! All citizens have a right to protest, especially for Black life being equal to all lives! What happened yesterday is sedition and treason based on a FAIR election process! Trump asked for his Proud Boys to Stand Down and Stand By, and this is what we got yesterday. He's been fanning the flames of hate for far too long.

At this time in our country, the line has been drawn. Trump and his supporters represent what America really is to millions of people. We are either going to move forward together and work to ensure all people’s rights, votes, and lives are protected, OR we are going to continue to perpetuate a culture of hate and violence.

As we prepare for Session next week, contact your legislators and let them know where you stand. Ask them to condemn hate, bigotry, and violence against our democracy.

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