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I promised the District that I will always stand for strong schools, healthy families and safe communities and we have kept our promise.

Rep. London Lamar

There are also opportunities for organizations, businesses and citizens to take advantage of resources and funding to help further our goal to improve the community. Check out the following info below.

Healthy Families

Homeowners Assistance Fund

  • What: Financial Assistance with mortgage payments, delinquent taxes, insurance fees, and HOA dues for a primary residence

  • Who: 1 to 4 unit single family household with an overall income of $119, 850 or less and COVID-19 related hardship (loss of income, reduction of income, newly incurred expenses) after January 21, 2020

  • When: Start running sometime in October

  • Action item: sign up for email notifications at Tennessee Housing Development Agency | Homeowner's Assistance Fund (

Child Tax Credit

The American Rescue Plan increased the Child Tax Credit from $2,000 per child to $3,000 per child for children over the age of six and from $2,000 to $3,600 for children under the age of six, and raised the age limit from 16 to 17. All working families will get the full credit if they make up to $150,000 for a couple or $112,500 for a family with a single parent (also called Head of Household).

Tennessee Pilot Opportunity

Collaborations of Tennessee-based entities that can administer services which are consistent with the Department’s mission and meet one of the four purposes of TANF are encouraged to apply during the Tennessee Opportunity Pilot Initiative Planning Grant application period.

The following four types of entities should collaborate for the purpose of applying for Planning Grants:

  1. A political subdivision of this state.

  2. A nonprofit corporation, created pursuant to title 48.

  3. A development district, created pursuant to the Development District Act of 1965, compiled in title 13, chapter 14.

  4. A human resource agency, created pursuant to the Human Resource Agency Act of 1973, compiled in title 13, chapter 26.

The four federal goals of TANF are to:

  1. Provide assistance to needy families with children so that they can live in their own homes or the homes of relatives;

  2. End dependence of needy parents on government benefits through work, job preparation, and marriage;

  3. Reduce out of wedlock pregnancies; and

  4. Encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

Strong Schools and Safe Communities

COVID surge school waivers

  • Districts and individual schools can request suspend in-person learning fo

Tennessee Literacy Month

  • Governor Bill Lee has declared September as Tennessee Literacy Month! We know that literacy is important to our children leading choice-filled lives. I am launching a challenge for District 91. Let’s get 50 families registered for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Through this program, any child from 0-5 years old will receive one free book per month. Imagination Library is a great way to build our children’s home libraries. (Register for a library card drive or book drive for school in your district)

Free ACT Prep Courses through TDOE and UTMartin

  • The TN Dept of Education has partnered with UT Martin to provide Free ACT Prep courses to Tennessee’s juniors and seniors. Courses will cover math, science, and reading reasoning. There are open spots in the October, November, and December sessions. All sessions are virtual and conducted via Zoom.

District 91 Fall Town Hall coming up! Look out for more info soon!

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