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Exhausted but Hopeful.

Updates from the Capitol

Hey District 91, This week was exhausting but progressive! This week, we ran several bills that would help make communities safer and add transparency to the electoral system.

HB 1830 (Gun Violence Prevention bill) was up before the Criminal Justice Subcommittee again this week. I fought hard and unfortunately the bill was rolled for two weeks. This means that we have another opportunity to get the subcommittee to pass HB 1830. During these two weeks, I will continue to meet with the subcommittee members, state departments, and community members to ensure that this bill passes.

Remember that, HB 1830 frames gun violence as an issue of public health and creates proactive and comprehensive solutions to gun violence. If passed, HB 1830 would increase data sharing between local governments, the Department of Health, state law enforcement agencies, and the General Assembly. It would also encourage specific state departments to create programming that address gun violence. Check out this link to watch my presentation.

The second bill that I ran this week was HB 1869 (College Voting Bill). Even though I received letters of support from UT Knox’s President and the Student Governments at MTSU and UT Knox, the subcommittee chose not to move the bill forward. This is definitely a blow to our legislative agenda but as I said in my TikTok, I will continue to bring this piece of legislation every year that I have the opportunity to serve as your state representative.

The third and final bill that I ran this week was HB 2386 which increases voter participation and strengthens our elections. Unfortunately, this bill did not pass through the subcommittee. Click the link and scrub to 45:25 to hear my presentation. We will continue to fight to protect voting rights, increase voter participation, and strengthen our elections.

The Shelby County Delegation met with Governor Lee this week. As the chair of the delegation, I presented Governor Lee with out 2023 budget requests for Shelby County.

Our requests specifically focus on economic development, community revitalization, education, and youth.

Finally, Governor Lee and Commissioner Penny Schwinn released their new plan to fund public K-12 education in Tennessee. In the coming weeks, I will review their proposal and assess the potential benefits and disadvantages for Memphis-Shelby County Schools. Please reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns. As I have said from day one, I will only support legislation that ensures strong and healthy schools for our children.

Congratulations to Memphis-Shelby County Schools and the Achievement School District for being awarded as a Tennessee Best for All District! In the words of Governor Lee, receiving this award means that these districts “have gone above and beyond to invest strategically in student achievement, address learning loss, and drive positive outcomes”. I commend MSCS and ASD for their thoughtful and strategic implementation of their federal COVID-19 relief dollars. Congratulations!

Resources for District 91

RECOVERING FROM THE ICE STORM: If you receive SNAP benefits, you can request replacement benefits for any food loss that you experienced. An example of food loss is food that is spoiled due to power outage. You must request these request replacement benefits within 10 calendar days of the food loss. Read more about the replacement benefits here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at

FREE COVID TESTS from the federal government: Here’s what you need to know.

United Way of the Mid-South has partnered with Entergy to provide FREE tax prep services starting this week through April 15th. If you need assistance, please click the link for more information.

The Tennessee Homeowners Assistance Fund is now LIVE! Please click this link to apply for assistance.

Unemployment Assistance

  • If you are having issues, receiving your unemployment assistance, please email Rep. London Lamar office’s at with the following information:

    • A description of the problem

    • Your full name (first, middle, and last)

    • Your phone number

    • The last 4 digits of your social security

    • The date that you filed the claim

    • The email address you used to file the claim

Calling all minority-owned business! The Memphis MBE Collaborative wants to ensure that minority-owned businesses are considered for contracts on the Blue Oval City project Click the link to apply. Please see the flyer below and reach out to my office if you have any questions or concerns.

Save the date! In celebration and recognition of Tennessee’s seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission is proud to host the third annual HBCU Success Day on the Hill, to be held on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 from 10 am – 1pm Central, at the Cordell Hull State Office Building in Nashville. We look forward to this opportunity to bring together campuses, the community, policymakers, and other advocates to support and advance the enduring mission of HBCUs across the state.


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