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December Legislative Update

Updates from the Capitol

October and November were a whirlwind! The legislature was convened into special session twice to address Ford Motor Company joining the Memphis Regional Megasite and COVID-19. For a quick recap of the COVID special session, click the link and check out the Tennessean’s article.

For business owners, governmental entities, and schools: If you can demonstrate that compliance with HB 9011/Senate Bill 9014 will result in a loss of federal funding you can apply for an exemption to this TN law. Please visit this website for more information:

Beginning January 1, 2022 monthly SNAP benefits will return to their regular eligibility benefit amounts. The amount was increased to due Tennessee’s State of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of Emergency ended in November 2021. December 2021 will serve as a transition month. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to my office at or (615) 741-3830.

There is a lot of movement happening right now with President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. I will send out updates as the legislative process for Build Back Better continues and what it all means for District 91, Memphis, and Tennessee.

Leading with Lamar

Rep. Lamar hosted a Fall Townhall on Saturday, October 30 at 11am. Here is the link to see a recording of the townhall. Dr. Michelle Taylor, Director of Shelby County Health Department, Debby Gould, President of Tennessee League of Women Voters, and Kendra Lee, Policy Manager at The Equity Alliance shared lots of useful information for District 91 constituents to use.

Here are some links that were shared during the presentation:


· The House Redistricting Committee will meet on Friday, December 17 at 2:00pm to discuss the plans that have been submitted by constituents, legislators, and the committee. This will be an important session to listen into to! You can find the livestream on the General Assembly Website.

· Keep up with state wide redistricting here: House Redistricting Committee - TN General Assembly

The Blackprint from The Equity Alliance

· The Blackprint will be an agenda that illuminates the needs and desire of Black Tennesseans. This agenda will be used to advocate for Black folks on the local and state levels in Tennessee. Right now, The Blackprint is in the discovery phase. If you identify as a Black Tennessean, please click the link and take the survey.

Resources for District 91

Team Max and the Mid-South Food Bank are hosting Operation Christmas Basket, a food basket giveaway on Saturday, December 11 at 8:00am at the Mid-South Food Bank on 3865 S. Perkins Rd, Memphis, TN 38118.

Shelby County Schools Office of Student, Family, and Community Affairs is hosting their Annual School Choice Showcase on Saturday, December 11 from 11:00am-2:00pm at Hickory Ridge Mall. There will be food, entertainment, and giveaways.

There are two community popup vaccination sites happening this weekend in Memphis. If you need to be vaccinated, you can show up at these locations! Any 5 years of age and older are eligible to receive the vaccination.

  • Stay Well Memphis Community Health Fair and Vaccine Event Location: St. Paul Baptist Church, 2124 E. Holmes Road Date: Saturday, December 11, 2021 Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Pfizer vaccine only. Ages 5 and older.

  • COVID-19 Walk-in Vaccination Event Location: New Direction Christian Church, 6120 Winchester Road Date: Sunday, December 12, 2021 Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Ages 5 and older. Spanish interpreters available.

While we are waiting for the launch of the TN Homeowners Assistance Fund, please check out the COVID-19 Rent and Utility Assistance Fund at

Unemployment Assistance

If you are having issues, receiving your unemployment assistance, please email Rep. London Lamar office’s at with the following information:

- A description of the problem

- Your full name (first, middle, and last)

- Your phone number

- The last 4 digits of your social security

- The date that you filed the claim

- The email address you used to file the claim

Statement on Young Dolph

I am shaken to my core by the death of Young Dolph. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his two young children, his family, and all those who were touched by his life. His music has been the soundtrack to so many moments of my life and the lives of so many Memphians. On one of my hardest days during session, I put on Dolph’s music on to drown out the noise and focus on my constituents.

Young Dolph is from District 91 and visited the district often. He wore his love for Memphis proudly and gave back to us constantly. As the founder of the Ida Mae Family Foundation, Young Dolph’s philanthropy was legendary. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his neighborhood.

At this moment, many of us are reeling from this tragic loss of life. We are trying to make sense of this loss. So many of our leaders are calling for a change. Let us remember that More police officers on the street are not the solution to gun violence. Crime is a symptom of poverty. If we want to see a reduction in crime, we must invest in our students, good paying jobs, safe and secure affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, and clean and nutritious food. Any plan for change must include these solutions.

The process of grief is unpredictable. Waves of emotion will be and flow. If you would like support connecting to counseling services, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at (615) 741-3830 or by email at

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