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Our party infrastructure needs to build from the basics by investing in ALL 95 counties throughout the state.


We need to equip and empower our local, state, and national members and 

stakeholders with the skills and resources

to win 


We need a multi-prong fundraising approach that outlines the top areas of financial need:

Democratic elections, 

voter engagement, and 

local party development.

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Vision without infrastructure is a mere fantasy.

Our party infrastructure needs to build from the basics by investing in ALL 95 counties throughout the state. As Chair, I would prioritize bringing these counties together through a unified set of principles that both redefines the fundamental qualities of a Tennessee Democrat and connects with people statewide. In the executive role, I would manage these strategic efforts by first activating and getting buy-in from Executive Committee members, promoting activity within local party leadership, and engaging local elected officials from local School Board Members to Mayors to County Commissioners. 

Through this unified and collaborative infrastructure approach, I would help lay the groundwork that necessitates a simultaneous, aggressive, and comprehensive fundraising strategy which can be scaled throughout the state.

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We must provide our local party members with the resources and tools they need to sustain and grow their organizations.

We need to train and develop party members all across the state so they have the knowledge they need to carry out a Democratic political operation for our incumbents and future legislators.


As Chair, I would ensure that the TNDP has the funding and staff to provide county party leaders, candidates and stakeholders with the adequate training to build political operatives, effectively run and win candiate and issue advocacy campaigns, sustain their local organizations and fundraise additional resources. 

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As Chair of the TNDP, I would deploy a multi-prong fundraising approach that outlines the top areas of financial need: Democratic elections, voter engagement, and local party development.

For the TNDP, I would leverage my name recognition and national network through individual calls, presentations, meetings, and by putting the party’s needs first. As an organization, I would launch a robust digital and email branding campaign that encompasses what it means to be a Tennessee Democrat and plays on the true Tennessee Pride that unites us. We need to define what a Tennessee Democrat is by tapping into our Tennessee Pride to include our state in the national conversation. The TNDP has the opportunity to promote a shared vision in ALL the 95 counties that engages high dollar stakeholders, establishes a small dollar fundraising program fueled by grassroots supporters, and reach volunteers and voters through emails, merchandising, and mobile events in every part of the state. Additionally, I believe in prioritizing local party development so that local party leadership would also grow to become strong fundraising assets for the party and have the tools they need to sustain their organizations.


As Chair of the TNDP, I strongly believe it is crucial for the party to implement nationally targeted fundraising strategies as well. As a nationally recognized Democratic legislator in the South, I would leverage my current network to further make the case that the South is worth the investment and to include Tennessee as a part of that conversation. Some prime examples are the changes we have been seeing with Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina electing a Democratic Governor, the passage of Amendment 4 in Florida, Senator Doug Jones’ 2017 victory in Alabama, and the removal of the Confederate Flag in Mississippi. I believe with the right strategic plan, infrastructure, and leadership, we can fundraise for efforts to achieve similar victories in Tennessee.


The innovative approach I take in my political efforts is my multidisciplinary strategy as an organizer, advocate, and Tennessee Democratic legislator. 

I have unmatched experience and the proven ability to champion a political issue through the process of grassroots advocacy, legislative action, developing and implementing Democratic messaging, and tying together all of these aspects to achieve the most successful outcome.

London Lamar, State Representative