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Strong Schools

Strong public schools and teachers are my top priority.

Increasing per child funding.

Increasing funding for special education 


Increasing teacher salaries to maintain 

and attract quality teachers and good performance.

Investing in STEM programming to aid in a competitive workforce.

Allocating funding for under-performing and achievement schools.

Healthy Families

Families deserve increased access to 

healthcare services and facilities.

Expanding Medicaid to support impoverished, 

middle and working-class families.

Increasing funding for public healthcare services,

programs and facilities. 

Investing in mental health services and facilities.

Increasing family and reproductive care 

services and access.

Safe Communities

Improve policies and relationships between community and the criminal justice system where all people can thrive.

Reducing sentencing for 

nonviolent offenses.

Automatically restoring voting rights.

Mandating cultural competency training 

for all law enforcement.

Limiting solitary confinement

 for juveniles.

Increasing funding for 

rehabilitation programs.