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Putting My Experience to Work

Senator London Lamar has dedicated her life and career to uplifting the lived experiences of families and communities. She currently represents the 33rd senate district as the youngest female and African America legislator in the Tennessee State Senate history. As the conscious of the legislature, Senator Lamar advocates for strong schools, healthy families, and safe neighborhoods. She passed legislation that advances maternal health, human trafficking, criminal justice, and voting rights.

We must put people’s priorities over politics.


Senator Lamar is an innovative and socially conscious legislator. She fights for our families and future by boldly advocating for strong schools, healthy families, and safe communities.

As State Senator, Senator Lamar holds membership to two Senate committees: the Judiciary committee and Finance committee. In the addition to her commitments to the legislature, Senator Lamar serves as the Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus.


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Breaking Glass Ceilings


I’m a proud third generation resident of Tennessee’s 33rd District. The 33rd district has remained the conscious of the legislature; fighting for our families and for our future. I graduated from Memphis Central "The" High School in 2009 finishing top of my class. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Intercultural Studies from Saint Mary's College in May 2013. Accompanied by my resilient personality and self-motivated attitude, I decided really early on that I was committed to being a dedicated civil servant who inspires and motivates my peers to be an effective change agent for our futures and for our families.

I currently serve as the State Senator for District 33, the youngest female and African American legislator in Tennessee State Senate History. I am proud to serve as Chair of the Shelby County Delegation of State Legislators. I currently sit on the notable Judiciary and Energy Committees. I have passed numerous pieces of legislation in the State House and Senate with over 7 currently public laws. 

I have advocated and advanced policies on the national, state, and local levels that supports families and healthcare. I have worked as an organizer for public education where I empowered, educated, and engaged parents and community members in failing and priority school districts to utilize their voices, be knowledgeable in educational policies, and vote on issues that impact public schools and students.


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